Project objectives

The objective of the project, supported by European Union as individual research fellowship for Prof. Krzysztof Cyran in the framework of International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF) is to reinforce the international dimension of a research career of European computer scientist, by training him in complementary skills in a world-class research center, the George R. Brown School of Engineering at William M. Rice University in Houston, USA.

This main goal defines three research objectives:

  • modeling human evolution using stochastic methods for understanding genetic flow between archaic human populations responsible for the observed variation patterns,
  • developing advanced ML-based techniques and computer simulation models for understanding the role of natural selection at molecular level in the development of cancer, and
  • studying common disease – rare variant (CDRV) paradigm.

In addition, the project aims in building collaboration between Rice University in Houston, in particular statistics department established in George R. Brown School of Engineering (host for the outgoing phase of the project), with European Union research institutions, in particular Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (host of the return phase of the project), other institutions located in Poland, but also in other parts of Europe.